I've Gotten Fat.

Ive gotten fatter, and I can tell by the amount that my thighs rub together.    They are rubbing together further down than normal.  TMI— a good friend would say.  And “you have a good shape, lots of people would love to have your shape,” another nameless individual has said.  But they cant feel the way my thighs are rubbing.  And I dont care if youre bigger than me, I still feel fat.  My stomach isn’t protruding that much more, nor my butt, but my arms and thighs are huge.  And I remember what it feels like to be skinny.  Some people have been “thick” or “fat” all their lives.  And I cant even say not me.   Because I was kinda chunky my whole life, but 2 years ago I was a nice 118.  Not even really that tiny in a bikini, but damn, I looked good in regular clothes.  Those were the days.   Now my clothes look awful.

Now how did I get skinny and sexy before???  I danced twice a week, and worked out.  (And I didnt have a man, so I had to maintain).  Since I’m not just going to straight up exercise,  like running or walking on the treadmill, I have to something fun.  So one word.  Salsa!!   I’m signing up on Monday, with or without my boyfriend.

There’s so many things I’ve been neglecting for myself.  My fattness is evidence of that.  Its amazing how much a 8 lb weight gain can make you look huge.  One by one I’m going to pick things up again, and the first of those is Salsa dancing.


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