My Career

In my career field I really dont have any “concrete work experience.”  I have experience editing and writing.  What do you think English majors do for four years? Sit on their arses discussing the meaning of life??  All I did was read and write, analyze and defend my position with facts.  Exactly what Journalists do.  Yes dealing with people is a bit more fickle.  But least you can ask them questions.  When you have an 18th century narrative all you can do is consult the history books and other individuals interpretations.  Other than that, primary data solely consists of the words on the page.  You can keep looking at them and wait for an “ah-hah” or some sparkling revelation to appear.

So since I don’t have any “experience,” I’m creating my own.  I’m building a website based on  stuff that isnt for party people.  I like doing sophisticated stuff. Having people spill their beers on me has gotten kind of old.  And especially now that I’m out of college I need to do something.   Since I’ve been “laid off” so to speak (that really isn’t what happened) I’m reluctant to put my career in other people’s hands.  Many nobodies have become successful off their own will and hard work (and You Tube).  Why can’t that be me?

And you know what else, I’ve been thinking about creating a family website for a while now— there are websites that can help you do it.  Or maybe I should go back to the old version.  The paper version.  When I was like 10 I made a family gazette.  I could do it again.  It was cute then, but I’m not so sure about now.  Haha.  We’ll have to see.  But I have enough on my plate for now.  The blog. The Miami Site.  Looking for a Job. Learning Spanish.  Getting un-Fat.My goal is to get the Miami site launched by the end of Jan, so I suppose that’s what the focus is for now.


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