Today is a Waiting Day

I wait to find out if I have a job.  I wait to find out if I can stay in my apartment.  I wait to find out my future.

Tomorrow they will tell me if I landed the job at the mall or not.  I want to be a writer, but I need money.  Thus far, none of my attempts at finding a job have been sucessful.   I pretty much have one week to start working.  If I get the job, I start on Saturday.  If I don’t, I plan what is next.

If I get the job, things are still complicated because I have no money, and no where to move.  My landlord has gone MIA and I cant figure out if I can stay here for a couple of weeks.  If I get the job, I am stopping by her house tomorrow, so she cant hide from me any more.  But staying here does not seem like a truly viable option:  the woman is too sketchy.   If I get the job, how do I move?  Where do I go, where do I live?  I don’t want any more loans.

If I dont get the job my options are as follows.  Live with my friend whose stays like 45 minuets from here, that way I can still go down to Miami and search for jobs.   But that option is only good for like a week or so.  I could go to ATL to see my grandparents, then go back home to live with my parents.  What would I do for money?  Well, I’d have to get a job there and then I would be stuck.  How would I move back to Miami?  How would I break the news to my boyfriend? Even if I go for a month or two.  That is too long.  Say I sprinkle applications everywhere.  Then leave town for two weeks.    Come back and stay with my friend for a week or so.   That buys me the three (maybe four) weeks that I need.

not sure.  signing off for now


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