No Hablo Español

I am a slow packer, but I suppose that indicates how much I really don’t want to move.  I would like to come back in like 3 months, but I am not sure how likely it will be that I will find a good job.  What I am finding that is distressing, however, is the bilingual requirement, even for writers.  Bilingualism is essential for me.  Do you know how many job opportunities I had to pass up because I wasn’t bilingual?  Way to many.  And it is even more frustrating when those jobs are for writers.   For instance, I saw a posting on cragislist– it was perfect for my level of experience.  The kicker? “Mulit-lingual.”  I could apply anyway, but in Miami, there are tons of people who have my experience, but can speak Spanish, so why bother?

I studied spanish for 5 years, and I can barely speak a lick.  Okay, I can speak some spanish, if I had to: very poorly, with tons of errors, but any spanish speaker could understand me.  I know my pronounciation is good, and spanish speakers are confused when I tell them I dont really speak and am not fluent.  Do you think I could learn spanish in 3 months?  I even have rosetta stone.  Or at least get to a working knowledge of spanish?  I could at least have a knowlege of how the language is put together and thus have a working knowlege. I keep saying that I am going to learn, but since I have to move back home, I am damn well going to try. It will open so many doors for me.


One thought on “No Hablo Español

  1. You’ll have to update on how the Rosetta Stone actually works. According to the commercials, people instantly learned a new language! I would, however, love to hear from someone who didn’t audition for the paid position of declaring this program the most useful software available to learn a foreign language. LOL.

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