My First Customer

About two weeks ago I created a post on craigslist offering freelancing services to anyone willing to pay a reasonable rate. I finally got a customer!   He is a Swede in America working on a medical (neuroscience) grant proposal.  That’s not even the tough part. What is stressing me out is the amount of customer contact is required.  I can communicate with him, I just don’t like it… It makes me uncomfortable.

And then discussing money, that isn’t my strong suit. Where am I supposed to learn that? It is the most important part of a business because if you ain’t got the dough then you just straight up volunteering.

This guy confused me. He wants to pay me more than I asked. Who am I to say no? And now he is making changes to the original document. Not that I had started working on it really, I just printed it and everything and I am packing everything so I can move. I already had to pull the printer out of a box once.

I have learned three things already:

  1. In the business world you either are a slave to your boss or your customers.
  2. I am going to figure out how to charge by the hour. Even though per page sounds cheaper, the hourly wage gives me a little more control over when I work, what I am going to get paid and how much work I do.
  3. I need more detail in my contract about these things. I really don’t want people calling me during my personal time. Emails are so much better. Would I dare make office hours?

This is all a learning experience.


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