Getting In Touch With My Inner Animal

So I asked my mom to pick up some peanuts at the grocery store. (I’m a vegetarian and if I eat any more soy or fake meat I will strangle someone!) I was relishing in the fact that after the gym I would have a tasty protein treat by the time I got home from my first day back. So when I opened the pantry I scanned the middle shelves for that wide blue can with yellow letters. However, instead of ready to eat deliciousness, I find a red and clear bag revealing peanuts in their natural state: in their pea pods.

I thought it was pretty simple: pick up a can of nuts in the snack isle. It was as if my mom sought out the kind that nobody wants anymore. She said that she had already passed that area of the store and didn’t feel like going back. Aren’t the nuts with the shells right next to the ones without shells? Laziness, I don’t think so. And I really didn’t care about the brand, I just want ready to eat, normal peanuts, like the kind I bought the last time.

Instead of enjoying a crunchy, salty snack, I spent the next half hour getting in touch with my inner squirrel. Shelling away, making a huge mess, and glaring at everyone: at any moment they could steal the peanuts I had worked so hard to get shell free.


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