Grain of Salt

I’m starting to freak out about my blog.  I’m wondering if it is keeping me trapped in the unemployment line– far away from any job I’ve ever wanted.  I’m wondering if its preventing me from obtaining clients.  If people, when they visit my site they get into intimate, neurotic details and freak– run far away and say “this girl is crazy.”

For a while I had about 5 blogs and it was frustrating me to maintain them.  One for writing;  one for when I want to talk sh*t about the government or politics; there was another for more personal matters; another, still as a weight-loss diary; and finally one for my salsa adventures.  My need to acquire blogs for various purposes was getting stronger, and out of control.  I couldn’t keep up with all of them.

My boyfriend suggested that I just have one, one with lots of categories. And I condensed them all as he continued to explain to me how it should work.   And thus we have Copyright 2009. Talia Clay. All Rights reserved.  But now, my paranoia about what people– professional people– think of me.  Lord help me, I’m a writer, I should be able to say whatever I want.

And how do you know I’m not making this all up right now?  How do you know that the “I” I refer to doesn’t represent some fictional character that only represents an 8th of myself?  The crazy neurotic bitch who can’t get out any other way but through words on a WordPress blog?  Have “I” truly reveled myself in any other way that you can prove that this is really me?

Maybe you caught me.  Maybe you know more about me than I’d like to admit. Or perhaps I’m just a better writer than you’d like to admit and can devise a character so deep, and so complex that you’d mistake it for the real thing.

You decide.  (If you are a potential employer snooping around to see what I’m really like- take all this with a grain of salt.)  Good night.


2 thoughts on “Grain of Salt

  1. In the job search business, there are a couple of understood things that ‘you’ shouldn’t talk about if you’re looking for work, politics, religion and money.

    Consequently, if you’re really looking for a job, I would shy away from these subjects. You’re as likely to attract as you are to alienate, but, more importantly you’re cutting down the pool of people that will consider you as a candidate.

    Doug Neeper

    • You are right– you are absolutely right. And I definitely wouldn’t bring up any of this in an interview. But I’m someone who is interested in being a writer and making statements, especially controversial statements (through written outlets).

      I read in a book about women’s power about how women shy away from making bold statements– I don’t want to be a plain Jane.

      It’s not like there are pictures of me dancing on table tops at bars on Facebook or anything. But thank you for your input: I’m planning on investigating this matter further.

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