Day 4

It’s actually day ????? and I have been doing a crappy job completing and blogging about this life turn around project. I promise to do better.

That day I think, was a crucial day in the one month to live plan. What I forgot to mention was that Kerry and Chris Shook, the authors, are ministers. This book makes traditional religious suggestions. And I am far from traditional in any sense of the word. Back to original point: day four is important because that is when you start relying on God. Basically, you aren’t supposed to go on this journey by yourself. Great for me because I have little to no self dicipline.

So for day four’s questions:

What is preventing me from leading a spiritual lifestyle?

I don’t go to church anymore. I used to be very active in my youth group back in high school. In essence, my friends there were my support group; they kept me going when i stuggled spiritually and otherwise. When I went to college I abandoned everything I learned during my high school years. 5 years ago I was in a completly different place than I am now.

Disappointments and frustrations?

I am so lazy when it comes getting the things I need to get done for myself. Even reading this book, I haven’t taken it as serious as I wanted. I get to work on time and put in 100% there and people I care about get there way no questions asked; but what about all the stuff I have wanted to do for years. Almost none of those things are done even though I have been “trying” for years. I hope that over the next month I can straighten up.

How am I doing with communication with God?

Bad. I forget to thank the Source that gave me life every day. I need to do better so I can live passionately and stop worrying about the little things that are holding me back.


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