New Beginnings

I have been looking over my blog that I have had for two years.  It’s clear I haven’t made an update since I moved to back to Florida in April.  Shame on me.   I have been doing some research, and some thinking and I have decided to try to keep going with the blog-  and develop a couple of other ones I’ve been thinking about for a while.


  • Since my ultimate goal is to become a writer, I want to continue to track my journey and assess my progress.  Right now, I’m completely unpublished except for this blog, other crap I’ve posted on Associated Content, and my personal website.  That’s okay. I don’t know what what adverse affects this is having on my career, but I figure all of this will be worth something when I see my name in shining lights.
  • Another goal is to make money.  Did you know , you can make $75,000 dollars per year if you have enough visitors? I have been doing some reading and advertising revenue can really add up for websites.  75k is definitely something I’m interested in earning.


If I want to make a career out of writing,  I have to write what I love writing.  I have figured out that feature writing is not for me, so I know that being a journalist is never really going to happen.   Professional blogging, here I come!


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