It’s Not Writer’s Block, I Swear….

Writing is hard.  If you dont do it, you get backed up.  You feel like you need to write but cant.  And when I cant, that’s when I start looking for a new notebook, a fresh start.  I wouldn’t say I have writers block.  I’m just out of practice.  I have even neglected journaling.  I believe keeping a diary is a great way to just keep the words flowing.

I have spent my holiday vacation at my parents house. My time here seems to be hindering my writing, and the plans for writing I am supposedly making.  I did the majority of the cooking during the last few days.  I can still smell a hint of onion on my finger tips from making the green beans yesterday.

Even though all of the holiday cooking is finished,  I feel the need to be a busybody and help around the house. The snow outside is just calling me, asking me to shovel it. I don’t want to, I really dont.  I probably will anyway (I’m hoping I wont).  I’m wondering if getting hypnotized has anything to do with this.

The past semester I’ve been concerned about my laziness, and inability to get important things done. So, I got hypnotized. Ever since, I’ve been an efficient little b*tch.  The irony in it all, is that I have not written anything since I stepped foot in the hypnotist’s office.

I have gone to such great lenghts to avoid writing.  Its like all of this busy work is helping me procrastinate even more.  I’m clearly not making writing important.

A few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to start my book come new years day.  500 words per day.  Seems quite reasonable, right?  Yet I haven’t got any of the plot worked out.  Actually, I haven’t even thought about the storyline of my novel since boarded a plane to North Carolina.   This blog is the only thing I have written since I arrived.  I still have one week left of my vacation.  Maybe I can get some writing done.


One thought on “It’s Not Writer’s Block, I Swear….

  1. I’ve had writers block for about two years. I guess intense personal work/growth took precedence. Its coming back now, but its always a bitch to lose your passion for a bit.

    Wow you got hypnotized? I’m willing to try almost anything, but I don’t think I would do hypnosis. That’s pretty awesome though. Seems to have worked in some aspects…but sucks you have been feeling the writers block. Anyways, it was nice to read your blog, just wanted to comment.

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