I’m a slacker

I admit, I’ve been slacking off.  Not only have I not been updating this blog, I’ve been slacking off everywhere.  Take my graduate program for example.  I’m not focused as much on school as I’d like to be.  I barely get my homework done.  And usually, when I turn my assignments in, it’s not something I’m that proud of.  The work I’m producing I would not put in a portfolio.   The whole purpose of joining the program was so I could get a job in writing.  But if I don’t create anything of real quality, this program is a waste of time.  It is true what they say, what you put in is what you get out.   Now the question is, what is preventing me from really, truly doing my best.

I’m starting to wonder if I’m working too much.  Before I got my car, riding the bus to work was taking a considerable amount of time.  It was eating away at any free time I had.   Essentially, I have filled my bus time, with the gym, salsa lessons and other recreational activities (like going to the beach).  I haven’t used the extra time to get homework done.

Is working 25 hours a week too much for a graduate student?  Some of the other student’s in my program work full time. I can barely manage this part time thing. I really thought I wanted to have a full time job by the time the fall semester started, but I changed my mind.  I can’t handle that much.  At this point I’ve been unfocused.  8 months into my degree and I’m still unfocused.


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