My Writing Schedule

Now that I’ve finished my graduate school education, I can take some time to really focus on my own writing projects.  I’ve done like most bloggers have suggested and created a blogging schedule.  Maybe I’m crazy, but I decided to go at it 4x a week.

Monday and Thursday- I post on my Slow Paced (Living) in the United States blog. I have created a writing schedule for the next 5 weeks.  On this blog, I’m currently doing a series called What You Should Stop Worrying About Right Now; it will be 10 posts.

Tuesday and Friday- I post on this blog. I think I’m going to continue to post poetry on Tuesdays and post about writing or the writing process on Thursdays.

So far this week, I’ve met all of my blogging deadlines, but it seems rather ambitious. If working on my graduate thesis has taught me anything, it’s that my independent study skills need some improvement.  I work better when I’m accountable to others. Since I’ve told my readers when they can expect new posts from me, I have to be strict with my deadlines.  I don’t want to disappoint you all.

Still, for the last two posts that went up, I was sitting at my computer at 10pm still writing them. At least they went up on the days that I intended.  The idea though, is to get a week or two ahead with my blogging so I’m not posting at the last minute.  Hopefully this weekend I can write all of my posts for next week. To be a writer, you actually have to write, and with all this blogging, I can say that I’m a writer.

I’d like to fill the other three days of the week with fiction writing. I’m not sure I’m ready for that though…

So what I’ve done is turned my day-planner into a writing scheduler.  I’ve had the pink planner all year and have barely used it for my to-do lists.  For each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, I write down the blog and blogging topic. And underneath, I have plenty of room for notes and ideas that come up before I have a chance to write the post.  Usually what happens is I get random bursts of ideas, and I can’t always get to my blog to write a draft. Sometimes I don’t feel like writing a draft right then, and that awesome sentence I thought of while in the shower needs a place to be jotted down– hence the day-planner. 

The only issue that remains, is when exactly do I write?  I would love to make a consistant time every single day. I love writing early in the morning when my head is clear and I’m relaxed, but I have a job where I work early in the morning.  High school starts at 7:20am people!  Maybe I can figure something in a couple weeks because summer camp starts an hour later.  Right now, I write whenever I have time, but I think having a schedule would get me into a routine and I could write more.

How do you organize your writing or blogging schedule? How do you fit in writing with a full-time job?


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