Train Rides

Last week I was enchanted by public transit: the train specifically. I like the solstice it provides. I can write. The world stops for me. However, today I was reminded of the challenges it presents.

Today, for example, as soon as I found a wide open seat at a booth by a window I get company. Some guy in his mid 20s sits across from me. When he smiled I noticed his front teeth were eroded three-quarters of the way up to his gums. I always think “Really? There are plenty of open seats.” And its not that he sits there is the main problem– it’s that he smells. Somehow I forget that the train is used frequently by the unwashed. Please forgive me, I know I shouldn’t judge. But I have headphones on. Do I look like I’d like to chat or get to know you?

Now that I’ve escaped stinky, I can focus on other things. I thought I wouldn’t be able to write today. I thought I exhausted everything creative in me. Oddly enough, that stinky, toothless man’s attempt at hitting on me was enough inspiration.

Sometimes I get so irritated and frustrated about life, writing is one of the main ways I can cope. What I need to do, though, is channel some of that emotion and anxiety towards my story. Working on my short story last night was so satisfying. It’s like I finally was able to scratch an itch I couldn’t reach on my back.I have 10-15 pages due really soon. I want to have 8 done before Friday. Working on that story yesterday gave me a sense of peace. Writing gives me a sense of clarity that I haven’t had it a while. Hopefully, I can keep it up.